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For starters, I boost courage. Further, I train and provide solutions. Media, brand, product or service? I cooperate with an exceptional team of keen and apt communication specialists.


A guide on how to talk to people.

This book combines my knowledge and experience with that of experts on stage anxiety, mental preparation, perfectionism, assertiveness and feedback in one place. It also includes practical breathing, diction and rhetoric exercises. It teaches movement, gesture, and work in a TV and podcast studio, at a board meeting and on the stage of a large conference. It also helps answer the most difficult questions: Why should people listen to me? What knowledge do I have for them?

My partners

I am solely keen on collaborations that build trust towards the Viewers, the Listeners, the Readers. Long-lasting collaborations that keep circling back with cutting-edge ideas. I am widely recognized for my authenticity, vast knowledge, and immense experience with each medium.


I have been working ever since I was 15: the press, the radio, television, digital. Trójka, Radio ZET, TVN24, TVN, Onet. I came across the great ones who did their best to teach me their crafts. I do appreciate a well-composed and apt presence in front of the camera and on the stage. I have gained stage experience, I have trained with vocal coaches, acting coaches, rhetoric coaches. It all adds up and comes in handy in a world of storytelling, story building, and narration.

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Compelling people, impactful entrepreneurs, social challenges, as well as a touch of psychology, technology, travel, in-depth wine expertise. These are the passions that I convert to sound. Voice House is an open platform for promoting inspirational content. We invite startups, public figures, creators, driven individuals.

The Host: Jarosław Kuźniar, Martyna Maconko
The Host: Jarosław Kuźniar, Martyna Maconko
The Host: Jarosław Kuźniar, Martyna Maconko